Episode 27 – Denise Serna and Anna Gelman

On this episode of Spiel Chicago I speak with two artists about their upcoming projects.  Spark at 20% Theatre Company follows three sisters living in the US, caught in the mess of a recent war’s aftermath. I spoke on the phone with director Denise Serna about how the play explores how poverty affects the dynamics of emotional labor and why showing the small and quiet moments of marginalized lives is so empowering.

I also chatted with Anna Gelman about her new devised piece, Why Do You Always Wear Black? exploring the women in Chekhov’s plays.  Gelman is, as she says, obsessed with Chekhov.  She brings both her particular perspective as the daughter of a translator of Chekhov’s plays and her experience studying at the Moscow Art Theatre to this new piece.  She and her cast of devisers explore the interconnectedness of Chekov’s female characters across his five major plays as well as interrogating the author’s misogyny and who classical theatre is for.

Mentioned in this episode:

As always, if you have any questions, comments or rants, you can email Spielchicago@gmail.com.  You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Theme music in this episode is by Mark Rosenthal of Body Counts and Beers.  All other music by Lee Rosevere.

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