Episode 24 – Ashley Ann Woods

“If people don’t know I’m a feminist when they meet me, they’re gonna learn pretty quickly.”

Ashley Ann Woods is a scenic designer and company member at 20% Theatre Company.  Last Summer, we discussed her recent transition to freelance work (aka, being her own boss), how her feminism affects the projects she chooses and about her Better Characters Blog, which recommends books with better female characters.

Ashley now lives in Alabama working with Birmingham Children’s Theatre.  To learn more about her work, you can check out her website.


Also discussed in this episode:


If you live in Chicago, be sure to check out Climate Change Theatre Action happening at Pride Arts Center this Nov 14-16.  It’s presented in part by Iris Sowlat and Denise Serna, both former Spiel Chicago guests!

If you have any questions, comments or rants, you can email us at spielchicago@gmail.com or find us on Twitter (@spielchicago), Facebook and Instagram (@spiel_chicago).  See you at the the theatre!

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