Carolina Migli on Nymph of the River

In Italy, there are male and female rivers.  The River Trebbia is female.  Carolina Migli wants you to know.

This week Migli, an international theatre practitioner presents Nymph of the River, a piece about her beloved river which runs near the small town where she grew up in Northern Italy.  It is presented as a part of Climate Change Theatre Action, at Pride Arts Center Nov 14-16.

Migli was kind enough to tell me a little about her piece and share some pictures of the River Trebbia.


“I live in Piacenza, a small beautiful City in the northern west of Italy. It is set in the big river Po and we have four main rivers that run through the province. This year in the summer the weather was so dry that we had no water.

It did not rain for two months and a half.  One of these rivers is the River Trebbia, that almost dried up. I love this river because it runs near the place where I grew up and as I love her so much I decided to write about her.”





“This summer, going to the river was painful. You could see her suffering, fish were dead and the drought was awful for everybody, especially for our agriculture.

Farmers entered a major economical crisis.”




“I want [audiences] to feel a sense of loss … I want them to understand that nature is a living entity and looks at us puzzled, not understanding what we are doing and why we are destroying ourselves.  I also want them to feel the time ticking by faster and faster as we have raped nature and her revenge on us will be terrible if we don’t do something about it collectively. “



“I want [audiences] to go home and start thinking about what they do with water. From the tap left running to what they put down the drain and also what they do with the water when they have a bath…
This year for example we had running water only from 7 pm to 11 and from 5 to 7 in the morning.  We were washing salad and keeping the water to to give to the plants in the garden. We were washing ourselves with basins because the shower had lack of pressure and then we were keeping the water to wash clothes.
I want the public to see the beauty that we are taking for granted.


To see Nymph of the River along with many other wonderful pieces in this year’s Climate Change Theatre Action, stop by Pride Arts Center Nov 14-16th at 6:30pm.  Tickets are pay-what-you-can.

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