Bonus Episode: Chicago Theatre Marathon!

After the Reader exposé and subsequent closing of Profiles Theatre here in Chicago, playwright Cassandra Rose wanted to fill the vacuum left behind with something communal and reparative, something that would eliminate barriers to people telling their stories.  In this Summer Bonus episode, you’ll hear not just about how the Chicago Theatre Marathon came to be but how it has evolved into a radically accessible and supportive weekend of work that is breaking the theatre festival mold.  That may sound hyperbolic, but give this episode a listen and you’ll see what I mean.


Special thanks to Cassandra Rose, Anna Trachtman and Gaby Labotka for coming on the podcast to talk about the Chicago Theatre Marathon, which runs July 21st-23rd at Strawdog Theatre.

Learn more about CTM and buy your tickets.

Check out The Word Cloud discussed in this episode.

Check out The Dictionary Project by Cassandra Rose.

Download the entire marathon schedule.

To help you narrow down all of the amazing options for theatre in Chicago, read my article Feminist Theatre Watch 2017-18.  It’s got a variety of exciting work by women and genderqueer artists coming up this season.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or rants, you can email is at or tweet us @spielchicago.  See you at the theatre!

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