Episode 20 – Laura Stephenson and Rinska Carrasco

Rinska Carrasco is so pumped to direct a grim Latinx fairy tale at Halcyon Theatre and after talking with her, I’m super pumped to see it.  I sat down with Rinska and Laura Stephenson, casting director for Halcyon Theatre to talk about their upcoming show THE RIVER BRIDE, their amazing cast as well as Halcyon’s radical hospitality program which offers free tickets to every performance on a first come first serve basis.

Halcyon is the recipient of a $50k grant from Art Works Fund’s Idea Lab through The Chicago Community Trust.  The fund is intended to:

… allow Halcyon to explore how aesthetic and venue choices affect performance and audience engagement. Over the next two years, Halcyon will produce additional developmental productions and programming in alternate locations around the city. Idea Lab grants support the development and testing of promising ideas, new approaches to solving chronic challenges, or pursuit of emergent opportunities.

You can read more at Halcyon.org.

Discussed in this episode:

This will be the last episode of season 1 for Spiel Chicago.  Over the Summer, I’ll be gathering material for season 2 to be released in the Fall.  If you have ideas for guests or topics for discussion, you can contact the podcast @spielchicago on twitter or email spielchicago@gmail.com.  In the meantime, see you at the theatre!


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