Episode 17 – Delia Kropp

smyra-podcast-performinkActress Delia Kropp took a ten year hiatus from the Chicago theatre scene.  When I asked her if that was hard she replied, “it was necessary.”  Delia is a transgender woman and has only in the last few years returned to auditioning–now as her true gender.  She spoke with me about her work as an actress, the challenges facing transgender actors in Chicago, and what she and others are doing to make our stages more inclusive.

You can catch Delia’s work when she directs the winner of the Pride Films and Play Trans Play Festival on June 11th and 12th.  To learn more about her creative and activist work, you can visit her website.

Discussed in this episode:

Music from this episode:

  • Binary Star – “Reality Check” (instrumental)
  • Teagan and Sara – “Call it Off” (instrumental)
  • Gotye – “Somebody that I Used to Know” (instrumental)

Podcast Recommendation: See Something, Say Something

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